Wikalaat is a Car - shopping virtually
Wikalaat is an application that offers customers the opportunity to do their car- shopping virtually. In addition to, comparing prices, specs, and getting notified when new releases and offers are on the market.
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Development Service
A website and application that fits any person with an interest in purchasing a car. We offer clients the full car dealership experience, minus the fuss of physically being there and going back and forth.We made a page for easy comparisons between potential car choices desired.Filtering options that suit clients budgets, preferences, and seating needs.
Car dealership experience,
minus the fuss.
Investing in a car can be an overwhelming experience, certainly if the customer does not have sufficient knowledge about cars.Techgrowth solved this problem by including an informative page for twenty-eight car dealerships, with updated notifications for offers available. This distinctive feature allows customers to have the confidence and knowledge to make the right decision. A perfect fit, for all.
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