GIG is currently the largest insurance company in kuwait
It is the first insurance company to lead the life and health insurance business in the local market. It is currently the largest insurance company in Kuwait in terms of gross written premiums and retained premiums in the life, health and auto insurance sectors.
we did ?
Development Service
We developed a clean, slick website and app design.Keeping in mind the gravity of applying for insurance policies, we made sure to portray the pages as uncomplicated as possible. Less is more. Customers can browse through the products, and read the description and benefits, simple and straightforward.
GIG Kuwait
All in one!
In a world led by technology, it is crucial to keep up. We have collaborated with GIG on this project for it to be the first insurance company in Kuwait to issue various insurance policies online claims approval system.Customers can manage their accounts , purchase and renew insurance policies,submit follow up claims, get informed of the latest offers, and find locations of the nearest branches.All simple,all online.
App Design
We also designed a responsive, clean UI for GIG Apps along with a powerful, intuitive B2B portal interface
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