DAW Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor
Is a governmental organization for the General secretariat of the supreme council for planning and development.
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Development Service
We enhanced the interface of the UX/XI design to digitize all actions and procedures in a single interface.Our main target was to implement internal organization for employees, in a systematic design.Employees could access, forward, receive, and sign documents online.
Your documents are secured
No more, paper loss!
Rumor has it that most governmental sectors have issues with paperwork loss, which is not surprising, since there is no reliability in the process of paper documents going back and forth between departments. Our development solves this problem, all paperwork would be stored online with quick access to transfer official documents from one department to another. We also included an advanced search utility, to access any documents in the database by searching a keyword, date, sender name, subject or department. There you have it, problem solved
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