Clique is a social sports app
connecting athletes and players throughout Kuwait, making your favorite sport easily accessible
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Development Service
TechGrowth played a pivotal role in developing the Clique sports app in collaboration with the Clique team. Our contributions to Clique include the design and development of its core features, such as the dynamic match creation system, automated pricing and cost division, the player ratings system, and the super admin control panel. These contributions aimed to create a user-friendly and feature-rich platform for athletes in Kuwait, revolutionizing the way they connect and engage through sports.
Dynamic Match Creation
This feature empowers users to effortlessly create and organize sports matches or Cliques for a wide range of sports.
Users can specify match details such as the number of players required, court preferences, pricing, gender requirements, age groups, match location using Google Maps, match time, and duration. This dynamic match creation system ensures that users can easily set up sports events tailored to their preferences, fostering a sense of community and flexibility in sports participation.
Player & Creator Rating
Users can assess and rate their fellow players based on various factors, including truthfulness about their skill level, punctuality, sportsmanship, and more.
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