Trust and Respect is an aim which we are fighting for

Qernas General Trading & Contracting (QGC), was established to provide comprehensive supplies and services to its customers and clients in the State of Kuwait.

Qernas General Trading & Contracting
About Trust and Respect is an aim which we are fighting for
To provide the highest level of professional conduct, service,quality, and confidentiality, To provide timely, cost-effective solutions that enhance our customers business objectives by increasing our efficiency,marketability, productivity and profitability,To remain committed to strategic growth with constant improvement in processes and operations by use of state of the art technologies, At all levels within QGC ensured is a strict adherence to ethical and fair practices and to the belief that the company should deal with all stake holders- customers, clients,employees and suppliers in a fair and honest manner


Arabic/English Versions

The development of the website will consist of Arabic/English versions to be more feasible and relate to a larger client-base.

Back-end Development (Servers)

Creating an AWS reliable host and all needed API’s that guarantees the compliance of the back-end data with the front-end, which will accomplish connecting the functionalities of the website to their designated data.

User Interface Design

UX/UI designing which will provide an exceptional user-experience and an attractive front-end view of the website.

Web-based Admin Panel (CMS)

A contest management system that will support the modifications and creation of the website’s digital content. It will be developed in a way that helps admins to easily function with it and modify queries instantly.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

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