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About The Avenues
A must-have for every savvy shopper and the best way to maximize your shopping experience. - Use interactive 2.5D maps to help you pin point the location of your favorite stores, entertainment venues and restaurants - A complete mall directory with every store’s information. This information is updated real time and is fully accurate. Search via an alphabetical list of all stores or simply sort by category - Find out about the latest events and promotions in the home screen. - Check out and locate the mall’s entertainment destinations -Save your parking location with a picture or by simply write down your parking number. - Add your favorite shops, restaurants and entertainment venues to your ‘favorites’ list so that you can easily access them- Get easy directions to the Mall via satellite maps as well as our custom location map
-Share listings with your friends via email - Find all the information you need for your visit - opening hours, directions, contact information, The Avenues magazine and much more.
 - Quick to load and easy to use We love to hear feedback. So let us know what we should change, what we should add and even what we are doing right. Download The Avenues app for free and make the most out of every visit to your favorite Mall.


Back-end Development (Servers)

Creating an AWS reliable host and all needed API’s that guarantees the compliance of the back-end data with the front-end, which will accomplish connecting the

User Interface Design

UX/UI designing which will provide an exceptional user-experience and an attractive front-end view of the website.

Front-end Development

producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes to insure an efficient website interaction and a user-friendly platform.

Fixing Errors and Bugs

Troubleshooting errors such as the (404) error that causes lack of server connection and eliminating coding bugs for a consistence connection.

Mobile Responsive Integration

The website will be mobile responsive, meaning it will automatically changes to fit any device used by clients.

SMS and Email Integration

Integrating emails and SMS will play an important role as a verification method and helps empowering the communication level between admins and clients.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

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