Add alert for contact and track the document expiry date .

About Notidoc
Notidoc , ability add and to display all contacts and create alerts for document expiry date.


Back-end Development (Servers)

Creating an AWS reliable host and all needed API’s that guarantees the compliance of the back-end data with the front-end, which will accomplish connecting the functionalities of the website to their designated data.

Data-base Structuring

Data-base (DBMS) is a well-organized foundation that acts as the infrastructure of the website. It will establish monitoring the transactions and traffic. The Data-Base will keep track of users as it directly interacts with their personal information.

Script Integration

Some functions included in the website need creating a certain algorithm or a script to utilize those functions in the most effective approach. Script integration is the process of creating those algorithms using coding languages such as JAVA.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

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