LIVE Internal system for KNPC

LIVE Internal system for Kuwait National Petroleum Company , sending mails and contact the knpc employers to each other throw this web App

Kuwait National Petroleum Company
About LIVE Internal system for KNPC
A subsidiary of KPC with operations focusing on the downstream sector, KNPC is Kuwait’s only Refining Company. We provide the local market with all Fuel needs, including Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene and Gas. These and other products are also catered towards the international markets.


Arabic/English Versions

The development of the website will consist of Arabic/English versions to be more feasible and relate to a larger client-base.

Mobile Responsive Integration

The website will be mobile responsive, meaning it will automatically changes to fit any device used by clients.

Back-end Development (Servers)

Creating an AWS reliable host and all needed API’s that guarantees the compliance of the back-end data with the front-end, which will accomplish connecting the functionalities of the website to their designated data.

Front-end Development

producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes to insure an efficient website interaction and a user-friendly platform.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

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