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About KNPC
KNPC App has 7 main features: 1) Petrol Stations : - All kuwait stations' GPS locations. - Information about each station (working hours/contact/services). 2) Medical Centres : - kuwait medical centres included in the medical insurance. - centres quick search and GPS location. - Information about the rach centre (address,contact). 3) Petro Card : - view your petro card transactions info. 4) KNPC News : - get notifications regarding KNPC events , activities and news. 5) KNPC Publications : - read through KNPC published magazines 6)Best Fuel : - find your car's suitable fuel type. 7)Follow Us : - connect with KNPC through social media channels


Web-based Admin Panel (CMS)

A contest management system that will support the modifications and creation of the website’s digital content. It will be developed in a way that helps admins to easily function with it and modify queries instantly.

Web-based Vendor Panel

A web-based portal that is designated to the vendors to add/drop packages and use computerized methods to communicate with the website’s admins.

Back-end Development

Creating an AWS reliable host and all needed API’s that guarantees the compliance of the back-end data with the front-end, which will accomplish connecting the functionalities of the website to their designated data.

SMS and Email Integration

Integrating emails and SMS will play an important role as a verification method and helps empowering the communication level between admins and clients.

Mobile Responsive Integration

The website will be mobile responsive, meaning it will automatically changes to fit any device used by clients.

User Interface Design

UX/UI designing which will provide an exceptional user-experience and an attractive front-end view of the website.


Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

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